IP geolocation in PHP with file_get_contents:

Geolocation data in PHP with file_get_contents:
city: Vettweiß
region: North Rhine-Westphalia
Country: DE
loc: 50.7333,6.6000
org: AS6805 Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHG
postal: 52391
timezone: Europe/Berlin
object(stdClass)#2 (9) {
  string(12) ""
  string(49) ""
  string(9) "Vettweiß"
  string(22) "North Rhine-Westphalia"
  string(2) "DE"
  string(14) "50.7333,6.6000"
  string(39) "AS6805 Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co.OHG"
  string(5) "52391"
  string(13) "Europe/Berlin"
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